Cliff Wachtel

FX Academy Instructor - Cliff Wachtel

"I help forex traders and investors to succeed, using content that guides and teaches them to reach their goals with more fun and profit, and less time, effort, and pain."

About Cliff Wachtel:

I help financial services and content providers grow by combining that content with precision targeted social media placement and presentation that engages and builds loyal followers. My focus: Market analysis, trading/investing recommendations, investing and trading related marcom, training materials for a wide variety of global markets, and asset types. These include Forex, equities, indexes, income investing, conservative currency trading, currency diversified and hedged income investing, all via standard instruments, as well as via CFDs, binary options, expert systems, algorithmic and social trading platforms. I use both old and new media to maximize my reach and learn from others.

The Sensible Guide To Forex CoverOne result of my work as a Forex trader, income investor, market analyst, and trainer is my book, The Sensible Guide To Forex, winner of's Best Forex Book Award. the first Forex book to introduce both conservative currency trading and currency diversified/hedged income investing to the broad general investor community. Cliff adapted sections of it that are the basis for some of the most important courses in the FX Academy.


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