Investing versus Trading in Cryptocurrencies

Investing versus trading in Cryptocurrencies. What is the difference? These two types of speculators have different time horizons, with investors typically aiming to exit with profit after months or years, while traders jump in and out of deals, both long and short, usually in hours, minutes, or even seconds. Investors face the pressures of sitting tight for a long time, usually either itching to grab a profit or cut a loss prematurely. Traders face the pressures of confusion, panic, indecision and snowballing losers. Both must overcome such pressures to succeed.

Traders and investors are forced into using different channels for their operations, with traders effectively confined to the few retail brokerages offering Cryptocurrencies, or a fast-moving exchange. Investors work at a more leisurely pace, and have a much wider choice of exchanges, digital ATMs, or even private transactions.

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