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Kondi Tori posted this 15 July 2014

I would only go with AUD and NZD as longs in this kind of thing right now. They are the only ones with rates big enough. You can see it has a big effect, GBP just jumped up only because inflation rising makes people think rate will rise there soon too.

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Richard Blank posted this 15 July 2014

I have a feeling that rate hike expectations are already priced in... first increase will be announced 3-4 months later??

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Alp Kocak posted this 16 July 2014
Seven Costanza
And they have huge spreads. Although I guess with TRY at least the spread isnt so big.

Spread is around 4-5 pips. Considering the fact that we were paying 3pips for GBPUSD or 7pips for GBPJPY some years ago, I think this is very reasonable

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