MetaTrader 4 Guides and Tutorials

The Metaquotes Metatrader trading platform, commonly known by its release versions MT4 and MT5, is the most widely used trading platform in the world of retail forex trading. Almost every broker either offers only MT4 as a platform, or offers a choice of MT4 and other platforms. The MT4 stand-alone downloadable software platform usually runs more smoothly than alternative browser-based platforms. For these reasons, it is useful for retail traders to learn how to download the free MT4 platform and gain a working knowledge of how to operate MT4, although it is highly intuitive. You will learn how:

  • To download and install the MT4 platform
  • To set up charts and other analytical features
  • To download and install MT4 indicators and MT4 expert advisors
  • To open, close, and modify trades

Introduction To MetaTrader4

How to download MT4 and how to install MT4 and links to setting up demo account MT4 and links to setting up real account MT4.

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Using Metatrader 4: A User’s Guide

User’s guide to MT4 showing how to set up charts and analytical features in MT4, how to draw technical studies in MT4, how to download and install indicators and expert advisors in MT4, and how to open, close and modify trades in MT4.

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